What Does It Mean To Be A Member Of  Simple Care?

Joining Simple Care puts you in control of the cost of your healthcare services...and most importantly, when and where you receive treatment. It is the most affordable solution today to access quality private healthcare...when you need it and always at greatly reduced rates...similar to the privileged rates which have previously only been available to the larger insurance companies.

Our continually expanding membership provides us the strength to negotiate the best treatment rates with our network of selected healthcare partners, hence our matra...Together we’re stronger!

 Joining Simple Care... is simple!

You pay a LOW COST annual fee for your membership (€59 for a single adult €99 for a couple). Your membership entitles you to access our special treatment rates with our selected network of private healthcare providers and any of our associated services. Members pay directly to the healthcare provider, for any treatment they receive. On your behalf; we have negotiated dramatically reduced treatment rates, saving our members up to 72% on normal treatment costs (i.e. consultation with a GP costs from €18 & with a specialist from €23).

The following is a translation of a real testimonial from a Simple Care member. "I was fighting against a really severe pain that was coming and going over a long period, first in my knee, then elbow, and finally to my feet, it became very distressing. I was constantly visiting my doctor trying to find a solution, not to mention the strong pain killers I needed to be able to function which I really didnt want to keep taking. After X-rays and an MRI scan, I was still not getting an answer and the pains were getting worse and more frequent. I was losing considerable time from work for which I could not afford. During that period, I started paying €53 a month for a private health care insurance (the National health system was just too slow). My friend told me about Simple Care, he and his family had been members for over 2 years, from what he told me the family had saved a lot of money, furthermore,  he was very pleased with the treatment that both he and his wife had received when visiting their approved specialists. I was not content with my own insurance company, there were too many forms to complete and the time it was taking to get approval was totally unacceptable. l decided to join SimpleCare. From contacting their office, I had received my card within 3 days. I immediatley made an appointment with one of their specialists clinics to ask for second medical opinion. Within 24 hours I had seen the specialist, had some simple tests and the following day I was telephoned with the results. Finally they helped me to find the reason for my pain, which was nothing more than my uric acid levels were off the scale (GOUT). I was very relieved, I thought it was something much worse. Since then, with their recomendations I am more than 2 years without any joint pain and life is so much better for me and my family. I've cancelled my private medical insurance, plus now I benefit from using my card to save money on my dental treatment, I also use it to get my annual health check.  I save at least 600 euros each year and now Im getting the quality health care that I wanted"  Carlos Fortes, Torrox.

Joining Simple Care puts you in control of the cost of your healthcare services...and importantly, when and where you receive treatment.

If you pay for a private health insurance AND also pay into the Spanish national health system, you’re actually paying TWICE for your healthcare! You can save money AND valuable time, with the Simple Care health membership.

Use our health plan to fill the gaps your health insurance doesn’t cover: Dentists, Opticians and any other specialists and medical services you need that your health insurance doesn’t or won’t cover you for.

Use our health plan with the national health system to take control of your healthcare and avoid the delays and the ever increasing waiting lists. Our members have the confidence of knowing they have immediate access to the best dentists and all private healthcare specialists, hospitals and diagnostic centres.

 Your Membership Card

We have contracts and agreements in place with our healthcare provider partners, to ensure when our members present their personalised membership card, the medical administration team apply the privileged, low cost Simple Care rates, for any treatment received. Members receive a current list of our healthcare providers services, locations and contact details. Updates of new providers, services and locations, via newsletters and by visiting our websites.

Our large and expanding membership provides us the strength to negotiate the best treatment rates with our healthcare partners... "Together we’re stronger!"

 What healthcare services are available?

ALL healthcare specialists and medical services, including hospitals, policlinics, diagnostic centres for life & health scans, dentists & maxillofacial surgeons, Opticians & Lasik eye surgery, Plastic/Cosmetic treatments...from laser hair removal or botox ... to major elective surgery. At Simple Health Care we work with YOU as a team, to support and assist YOU to select the right healthcare provider and service to suit YOUR needs.

 Who are our members?

Spanish nationals and foreign residents or medium term visitors, who want immediate access to excellent private healthcare treatment and services... and always at affordable rates.

AS A MEMBER YOU BENEFIT FROM ALL DIVISIONS OF THE SIMPLE HEALTH CARE GROUP: When you become a member YOU can immediately access and benefit from all the services offered by our other divisions within the group.(see our group section)

Here are a few of the specialist services and group activities :

  • Medical tourism: Elective surgery & treatment packages
  • IVF packages: Customised for your own unique and special journey
  • Lasik Eye Surgery: Partnering you to achieve perfect results
  • Life & Health Scans: Peace of mind Diagnostic scans, PET, MRI, Mammogram.
  • GetsimplePETcare: veterinary clinics & full service animal hospital (if you’re a member of the group...your pet is too!)

When you become a member of SimpleCare, you can be confident and have peace of mind, knowing you are a valued member of a trusted and committed organisation that brings ALL the medical services you may need, under one simple and affordable medical scheme. The sooner you join...the more you save on all the costs of your healthcare! ........ Simple Care is "Simply Healthcare" and we CAN be bothered.

                           When it comes to private health care, we believe its great savings you should be making....Not sacrifices!

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