Question: How does the Simple Care plan work ?
Answer: Members pay an annual membership fee for their personalised membership card to access our network of healthcare providers and medical services. Members benefit from our greatly reduced treatment rates, up to 72% in many cases, which they pay directly to the healthcare provider when the services are rendered.

Question : Do I arrange for my own appointments?
Answer: Yes, if you want! However, our client support team are always ready to assist you with a query or the appointment process.

Question: Which GP’s, or Specialists can I visit?
Answer : Any of our healthcare provider partners.

Question: I have a long term medical condition, can I still join Simple Care?
Answer: Yes, there are NO exclusions for pre-existing conditions.All treatments are included… There are NO medical exclusions….NO restrictions for Age…. NO exclusions pre existing conditions. Our health plan covers all circumstances.

Question: I don’t know any GP’s or Specialists in the area? How do I select one?
Answer: Simple Health Care is there to help you. Simply telephone the office or email for details of doctors or specialists in your area.

Question: If I don’t know where to locate a particular specialist, would you provide me with recommendations?
Answer: Yes, we are always there to give you advice. When you join Simple Care you will be provided with a list of medical professionals and locations.

Question: Do I need to see a GP before I can make an appointment for a specialist?
Answer: Under normal circumstances there is no need, you can go directly to the specialist of your choice, however, for some Diagnostics treatment (Scan) or special therapy it is required that you see one of our GP’s or specialist so he /she can prescribe the test that is appropriate, in your case. Once you have the prescription, you can either contact one of the Diagnostic centres directly or, you can use our online or telephone appointment service.

Question: Can you guarantee that there will be a specialist in my town?
Answer: It is our objective to select  and contract the appropiate healthcare providers in most areas. However, it may not always be possible to appoint practitioners in all local areas  who meet our strict criteria. We welcome interaction and recommendations of healthcare providers  from our members.

Question: As a member of Simple Care, what benefits can I expect? Answer: Your Simple Care card can be used to benefit from the pre-negotiated Simple Healthcare treatment rates, similar to the rates that the large insurance companies pay. You can also use your personalised card at selected wellness and spa treatments centres. Members also automatically benefit from the services available from other group divisions and partners: Bespoke Medical Tourism Packages, Home Search, rentals, sales, purchase, including members internet advertising space, assistance with notary and or legal representation required during your particular transaction. “Get Simple PET Care” is another division. We have selected caring and dedicated veterinary practices, including an all service animal hospital where members receive the benefit of reduced treatment rates for their pets care.

Question: Why should I use a Simple Care health provider
Answer: The choice of healthcare professional, is a personal choice for a number of reasons. The Simple Care network of healthcare professionals are all selected for their qualifications, skills, experience and uncompromising attitude to medical care, their language skills and their clinic location and facilities. When you chose one of our medical providers, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge they are dedicated professionals that care for their patients well being.

Need to know more? If you have any further questions or need advice, we would be pleased to welcome you in our office, if that is not convenient, simply telephone us or contact us through our web site. a member of our sales team will respond immediately. Dont worry about a language problem, our staff are multi lingual, English, Spanish, French, Italian or German. there will be someone available who speaks your language.