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Our membership give you immediate access to a comprehensive range of dental services, allowing you to benefit from the dramatically reduced treatment rates with our Dental healthcare partners.

Simple Care offers you the best deals for high quality medical services including orthopaedic, heart and eye surgery, refractive lasik surgery, health assessments and much more..... A comprehensive healthcare service always available when you need it.

 Do you have health insurance?

Your Simple Care membership can fill the gaps that your medical insurance does not cover.

For example.... Where there may be exclusion of treatment due to a previous medical condition, age related, dental work, opticians or cosmetic surgery. Our membership will give you access to excellent private medical services at the best prices.

 Do you rely on the National Health System?

Join Simple Care and you immediately have options for immediate access to private healthcare specialists & services, for anything from a vital second opinion, a fast track diagnostic analysis or a scan to give you and your specialist the best direction for life changing surgical treatment.

Members benefit from our greatly reduced treatment rates, they eliminate waiting lists and importantly, they have options to seek the treatment they need… when they need it!

It’s today’s solution for immediate and affordable private healthcare!

  • GP visit from €18
  • Specialist visit from €23
  • Dental implant €950
  • Basic health check with ECG & blood analysis €49
  • MRI €140
  • Virtual colonoscopy €260
  • Your personalised Simple Care membership entitles you to reduced treatment rates for *professional services that are provided by our selected healthcare providers.

    *Note: In some cases, healthcare providers may need to outsource services (i.e. laboratory analysis) If you are unsure you can discuss this with your healthcare professional or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Massive savings on the costs of all treatments & surgery.


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